• Mar 15th 2018

Boot Camp

MaxOut is here to change the way you train,.  Ar you tired of working hard, not getting results and at the same time not enjoying your exercise or workouts?  PROBLEM SOLVED!  MaxOut has a Full Body Boot Camp class that breaks down all those barriers. We have formulated the best exercises to burn fat, build muscle, increase flexability and have fun while doing it all.   If you are looking for that change in your game to make the difference.  Try out our Boot Camp Training and see for yourself what fun filled results look and feel like.  

The Gym that Takes Fitness and Boot Camp training to the next level.  Located in the heart of Exton, MaxOut Sports and Fitness delivers the best personal training and small group training in the area.  If your looking for a gym that takes fitness and exercise as seriously as you do?  Look no further.  MaxOut Sports and Fitness makes going to the gym and attending Boot Camp training classes fun!